Robert Reich’s “Bernie Skeptics”

Where do I start?

Probably at least three (all over 80) Justices will retire in the next four years– which is why we do NOT want a Republican. Running through the airport? Pleeeze.

State support for public higher education is low and declining– UC gets about 30% of its support from the state. Somebody is going to have to pay for “free” education.

Medicare and medicaid cost a ton in taxes. Most people get their insurance through work. Taxes will have to skyrocket to pay for single payer, at least in the beginning. You think business will fight to pay for it? Or just keep the money they are paying out now?

Americans may love social media and social programs, but they hate government and “Socialism”. Wait until the Republicans get through with their campaign. I’ll bet at least half of Bernie’s “small contributions” are coming from the Koch brothers.

Bernie is a cranky old man with one idea. “Revolution against the 1%”. Lead by himself and a bunch of college students. Doesn’t that sound familiar? I voted for Nader and got a war in Iraq in return. I don’t want three or four more (take your pick) Scalias, Roberts, Thomases, Alitos– you get the picture. I know the kids are just learning, that’s why they are in school. Bernie is an old egotist who should know better. His ego trip is going to fuck us all. Make him Secretary of Labor. But if he gets the nomination I don’t think Trump or Rubio will appoint him.

I think it was Mencken who said, “For every complex, important problem there is a single, simple solution that is wrong.” That’s Bernie. And it ain’t no joke. BP

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